Timothy Ryan Patton’s book Achieving Your Promises- How to Reverse Your Circumstances and Realize Your Dreams begins with a severe car accident the author experienced in 1991 (story on the right hand side of the Web site, “Introduction.”) No one knew if he was going to survive. He was in a coma for seven days, his whole right side was paralyzed, he couldn’t speak, and he had to relearn how to do everything. He was a child once again. Timothy made it to where he is today by making mistakes, with persistence, through struggles with friends, heartache with family, pain, and tears.

The experience of a lifetime left Timothy with a story to share with the world, and a mission to improve others lives based on his own experience.

Timothy spent thousands of dollars pursuing his ultimate success, and is willing to share with everyone all he has learned from past seminars, books, meetings, and experiences with other leaders.

All of the “Important Links” on the right hand side of this Web site will keep you motivated to continue moving forward in life. These stories are for those people that realize education is a lifetime experience and are looking for results out of life. All of the articles have been read through in their entirety and they will keep you headed towards your dreams and desires by “Staying Positive” with “The Right Attitude, Mindset, and Level of Energy.”

Timothy has learned from people like Harv Eker, John Gray, Les Brown, Marc Victor Hansen, Patrick Snow, Bill Bartmann, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiosaki, Jay Abraham and many other top named individuals.